Dry January

How does a beer brand celebrate Dry January? With beer, of course.

Introducing the Heineken 0.0 January Dry Pack. This limited edition, alcohol-free 31-pack was created for anyone vowing to participate in Dry January — a trend that means ditching alcohol for the first month of the year. With a design reminiscent of an advent calendar, Heineken had sober-curious consumers covered each and every day of January.

To claim their free January Dry Packs before the new year, beer lovers headed to JanuaryDryPack.com. The packs sold out in a matter of hours, and all visitors received product coupons to spur trial throughout the month. Even better, the packs acted as ready-to-drink media and influencer kits, creating an irresistible image that got news outlets and social feeds buzzing.


775 Million


80 Percent

Share of voice

18 Percent

Sales lift

Who says January has to be dry? Sales of Heineken 0.0 increased by 18 percent month over month in January and its performance helped lift sales of the entire Heineken portfolio by 4 percent during the December/January timeframe. And on social, Heineken 0.0 claimed more than 80 percent share of voice related to Dry January versus the non-alcoholic beer category.