An Open Letter to Prospective Clients

What keeps you up at night?


For many of our clients, it’s the continual challenge of having to do more with less.

Less time. Less budget. Less staff. Less, well, everything.

It’s a challenge we’re well suited to address.

Fast Horse is an integrated, creative communications agency. Our sweet spot is non-traditional brand-building campaigns that have at their center an organizing idea that can clear the highest creative bar, which is earned media. 

We have a long history of generating ideas that can take brands places they’ve never been before. Places that can’t be bought or would be unaffordable even if they were available. And our structure and mindset ensure that our campaigns are anchored in the right insight and are fully integrated into paid and owned channels. 


That’s how we’re continually able to do more with less for our clients.


We invite you to take a spin around our web site. But don’t judge us on our case studies. And don’t judge us on the number of awards we’ve won, agency size, number or location of offices or even the depth of our industry experience. While we are proud of who we are and the brands we’ve helped build, we know all of those things are meaningless in the what-have-you-done-for-me-lately world of marketing and communications.

Here’s how we want our clients to judge us: Do we demonstrate a deep understanding of your business? Can we quickly get to the heart of the problem you’re trying to solve and bring you solutions that allow your budget to punch above its weight class? Are our ideas consistently strategic, creative and actionable? Are we nimble, responsive and proactive? Do we get the results we’ve promised?

And, pardon our French, do we run through f*cking walls to make you and your colleagues look good?


So, what’s keeping you up at night? Let’s start the conversation here.