Dee Bomb Q&A

July 25, 2022
Dee Bomb finds the art in the business side of music.

“Making music is great, but without a creative marketing plan while dealing with saturated music, your project might go unnoticed. Creating album rollouts is fun for me.”

You are a prolific songwriter. Do you capture your ideas as you’re inspired or do you schedule your inspirations?

I feel you can find inspiration in anything and that’s why I appreciate the power of art. I get ideas all the time but it’s up to me to analyze if that idea or concept of a song is going to make sense to not only myself, but the listeners as well.

You decided in middle school that you were going to make music your career. Did you have a mentor back then who gave you the confidence to pursue this?

Not really. I knew in pre-school I wanted to make music. I just watched documentaries focusing on the music business and read books about entertainment when I was in middle school. Mentors didn’t really come around until I released my second album and I enrolled into Institute Production & Recordings, where I started meeting legends in this industry who helped expand my career.

You also run your own label with Bangin Noize. Does the business side of your career feel in a way as creative as your songwriting and performing?

Absolutely, that’s honestly what makes creating album rollouts fun for me. Making music is great, but without a creative marketing plan while dealing with saturated music, your project might go unnoticed if you’re not careful.

You also DJ. What is one misconception that people have about DJ-ing? Is there a common mistake first-timers make?

The biggest misconception and common mistake made by newbies in my opinion is believing that DJ-ing is easy. It’s still a craft that should be respected and there is nothing easy about perfecting a craft.

You are also interested in fashion. What are your plans?

I have Dee Bomb merch on my site and that’s been doing pretty good. It gave me the confidence to reach out to some fashion designers I personally know about collaborating on designs and let it grow from there. I just know when the line is officially launched and with the people’s support, it will affect my community in a great positive way. I’m hoping to branch out into the big world eventually.

If you could share a bill with two musicians at any time in history, who would they be?

Prince and Snoop Dogg. However during my set, I want Mint Condition to play my music live instead of some song files on an USB.

What is next for you?

I’m wrapping up my fifth solo album so be ready for that. I’m putting a tour together through Bangin Noize to support the album. I got the clothing line in the works as well as adding more venues to the label’s platform for up and coming artists to get their music or overall talent out there for the world to see.