The Power Of Podcasts

August 24, 2018

Advertisements are no surprise when it comes to watching TV or reading a magazine. In fact, in more traditional mediums, advertisements can feel so par for the course that it’s easy to glaze over them. This has made being a marketing professional more and more challenging as consumers are using ad blockers and other means to minimize sponsored content on their feeds. So how can we can get around these blocks and make marketing meaningful for our consumers again?

Media habits change overtime. In today’s landscape, podcasts are becoming increasingly popular and are by extension presenting advertisers with a new opportunity to share their message. According to IAB’S Podcast Playbook, nearly a quarter of the U.S. population listens on a monthly basis to a podcast, meaning the audience is large and varied.

A few years ago, I started listening to a handful of podcasts myself, and the advertisements are definitely noticeable. But more than anything, I’ve found myself later looking up the advertisers online, even going so far as to sign up for their email newsletter. Some of the brands I’ve been led to include Brooklinen and ThirdLove. So why does it work?

Here are a handful of reasons why marketers might have better luck engaging via podcast advertisements:

It’s Not A Disruption (Not Really)

The experience of listening to a podcast is convenient and flexible. It’s hands-free, eyes-free content consumption that blends into what you’re already doing. The key is, it’s not disrupting your day. It’s not throwing you for a loop. In this way, the advertisements come … and they go. They don’t feel overly intrusive to your overall experience.

Your Listeners Are Already There

If you’re an avid podcast listener, you likely have several go-to series that you listen to on a regular basis. When it comes to podcast followers, you’re not relying on a homepage feed or algorithm to make your content seen.

The Market Isn’t Overly Crowded (Yet)

Though there are more podcasts available every day, the market is still not as crowded as other mediums. Advertisers aren’t fighting as hard for airspace or attention, and there is a wide audience of people available to reach.

Your Audience Is Informed And Engaged

According to Maple Street Creative in the UK, 89 percent of podcast listeners do so to expand their knowledge and 72 percent want access to unique content. This suggests that podcast listeners are more invested than those just scrolling through social media. If you find the right podcast – and the right host – you can reach a truly engaged and thoughtful audience.