The Power of Poetry

June 8, 2018

In today’s age of content creation and quick-time consumption, it’s no surprise that visual is king. When seconds are precious and clicks are costly, we’ll do anything for a moment of attention. An ounce of engagement. But how do we draw out true creativity from all that clutter?

The best campaigns are ones that speak to you. Campaigns that connect on a deeper level with their consumers and tell a story that deserves to be told.

Last summer, Under Armour released its “Unlike Any” campaign that told powerful stories of athleticism through poetry. Athletes and performers such as Misty Copeland, Natasha Hastings, Jessie Graff, Alison Désir and Zoe Zhang were featured in artful ads that not only highlighted their strength but also celebrated the hurdles they’ve overcome.

With quietly profound words and fluid camera angles, each story was brought to life over video and verse.

The end result? Simply beautiful.

Poets Aja Monet, Kojey Radical, Dominique Christina, Aristophanes and Saul Williams turned athlete’s stories into art. The goal was not just to highlight the power of each woman, but to really get into the psyche of what makes them, them. Unlike any other.

Sometimes I think we forget the power of words. Not just quick, snappy copy – but words. Real, artful, beautiful words that take more than a few seconds to digest.

More and more, we’re hearing that consumers don’t want to be told what to do. They don’t want advertisements, they don’t want commands. They want inspiration and creativity. They want a laugh or a cry or something to make them smile.

Advertising that doesn’t feel like advertising. Is that the key to breaking through today’s media landscape? It certainly seems that way.

I think more than anything, we don’t just want content for content’s sake. We want something that will resonate with us. Poetry can accomplish this. Poetic words, poetic movement, poetic photography. Taking our passion and putting it into the world.

What could be more beautiful?