Introducing Yet Another Alex

April 30, 2018

Another Alex?!

With one week at Fast Horse under my belt, my time to craft my very first Peepshow has arrived. So who is this lady on the other side of the screen writing to you? It feels kind of like our first date, huh?

Well, I’ll dive right in, I’m a born and bred Minnesotan – I can’t seem to stay away from this this incredible state. This appreciation began in 2008 when my mom’s job up and moved us to San Jose, California with only two weeks notice. I was going into my junior year of high school [#rough] and my mom got an opportunity she couldn’t turn down. Being a family that loves a good adventure, we packed up our lives and headed out to the West Coast.

Long story short, I went from a liberal performing-arts high school of 200 people to a private Catholic college preparatory high school. That was a really interesting experience to say the least. After a little adjustment time, I began to totally love California — yours truly was #promqueen senior year, humblebrag. I’m thankful for California as it gave me a nice year-round tan for two years and introduced me to some of the best friends I could have ever asked for.

When college came around, I headed back to the Midwest, inspired by “If you don’t know by now, I’m talkin’ ‘bout Chi-Town”. Thank you, Kanye.

I went to DePaul University — go Blue Demons — in Chicago, where I received my degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in Spanish. If you want a good laugh, my reel from my senior year is floating around YouTube somewhere. In my sophomore year of college I walked onto the track and field team as a hammer thrower. I love the hammer. 

Also, I’ve never understood how people look good in athletic photos. Here is one of many examples of me not looking good in a throwing picture. While on the topic of track — PSA: it is not called it a track GAME. It’s a meet. Rant over.

While in college my [super-handsome] soccer-playing boyfriend lived in New York City. Long distance is doable, people! The day after I graduated I up and moved to NYC and moved in with that boyfriend of mine. We lived there for two years together. In that two years I landed my first job at an agency and was thrilled by the fast-paced environment. But by the time 2016 rolled around, both of us were homesick for our families back in Minnesota. We made the decision to move back to the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

Now speed up to 2018: I can’t live a day of my life without thinking or talking about Crossfit. I am obsessed with our pitbull mix, Faye. I live for bloodys and brunch. Oh, and remember that super-cute, soccer-playing boyfriend that I mentioned? Well, he’s now by husband, which is pretty awesome, too.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me, friends. Looking forward to more Peepshows and becoming a part of this incredible cool company!