Stillness Within My Rootedness

January 25, 2018

A handful of years ago, I went for a free trial session with a life coach. I had gotten married to the love of my life, had a job I was passionate about, had become a mom — and was struggling with what to want next. I spent my twenties and thirties focused on always desiring more and was now coming up empty-handed.

She told me that I needed to find “stillness within my rootedness.” I fell in love with the concept and focused on being present, practicing gratefulness and loving my life in Minneapolis. But then I turned 40, which came with a bit of soul-searching and the realization that I was ready to say: EFF THAT.

So as I enter the next 40 years, I am ready to try new things, turn up the volume on life and reignite the search for what’s next… all while being present, grateful and building on the amazing foundation I’m lucky enough to call mine.