The Fiber Muse

December 1, 2017

Working at Fast Horse has many perks. One of the best is embedded deep in our philosophy: the idea that we need to keep learning, exploring outside of our comfort zone and flexing our creative muscles.

That’s because while most agencies say “creative isn’t a department, it is an expectation,” Fast Horse truly walks that walk.

Each year employees are allotted a bucket of money we call “Muse It Or Lose It” (#MIOLI). The thinking is that each year you are gifted with some funds to go out and find inspiration. If you don’t, your dollars are yours to lose.

This year, four other Ponies and myself spent a portion of our #MIOLI allotment on our first experience with Lab MPLS.  The Lab believes in “creation, connection and collaboration” which felt like a perfect fit. They offer creative workshops ranging from cocktails to calligraphy and watercolor to weaving.

My colleges and I signed up for a weaving lab and were excited to see what it was all about.

When you walk into Lab MPLS you immediately enter a calming atmosphere set with candlelight, the perfect hipster tunes and a space filled with like-minded individuals pumped to try something new.

For this lab we were all presented with our own weaving loom to keep, as well as well as beautiful colors of yarn — plus some chunky wool, which I was secretly hoping for.

Our teacher taught us how to prep our loom, tie different kinds of knots and create fringe (my personal favorite.)

It was wild how quickly the time flew. They say one of the keys to a well-lived life is finding an activity that creates flow. Flow happens when you lose sense of time and place and are fully immersed in the moment. That is exactly what happened. Before I knew it, it was time to head home.

It was enlightening to realize weaving isn’t about precision. Accidents can be happy accidents. Imperfection leads to perfection. It’s a nice life lesson.

We all left with half-finished projects, and I happily completed mine last night.

My husband asked what it was. My 3-year-old asked why I put cotton balls in it. I think it is super cute. And the next time I am in CB2 or World Market, I will think to myself, “I can do that.”

Inspired? Yep.

Creativity sparked? Check.

Mused? For sure.