Operators Are (Purposefully) Not Standing By

November 17, 2017

I’ve been a part of our Yoplait team for over a year now, and I’m so proud of the work we’re doing for the brand. We’ve been rolling out work consistently as an agency over the past few years, but I wanted to highlight a unique campaign that just launched a week ago.

But first, a quick refresher to set the scene.

Yoplait’s new “Mom On” campaign launched this past summer with a spirited 60-second TV spot, a partnership with the comedic duo behind #IMOMSOHARD, print, radio and much more. The launch was hit, and consumers were taking to Twitter of their own free will to call the brand “woke” and the “best.ever.” for its spot-on portrayal of the realities of motherhood.

After that intro, it was on us to keep the momentum going. Our answer? A good old-fashioned tip line. Hear me out…

A still from the launch video

With the help of Mindshare and 72&Sunny, our team developed 1-833-MOM-TIPS, a fully functional (and fully sarcastic) tip line for people who have thoughts on how moms should be raising their children. The mini-campaign was an effort to make a statement about all the unwanted advice moms receive, and give moms a laugh in the process.

The tip line includes press x-style prompts that are all based on real-life scenarios that moms are judged on. Things like: “To question her dedication to motherhood, press 3,”
“To set completely unrealistic standards, press 6.”

The tip line is promoted through a tongue-in-cheek, infomercial-style video, intriguing, non-branded street-level posters and flyers in New York City, and influencer partnerships where top parenting influencers share their personal stories of unwanted advice.

One of the flyers up around NYC

In just a week, the tip line has received over 11,000 calls. Are you next? CALL NOW! Really.

Some of the posters around NYC