Minnesotans Bring Relief Through Local Music

October 5, 2017

San Juan, Puerto Rico, is exactly two thousand, four hundred and five miles away from Minneapolis, MN. You can imagine the differences. The average temperature in Minneapolis this time of year is a crisp and colorful 46.15 degrees. While we’re getting cozy in our flannels, in San Juan it feels like a jungle in October, with an average temperature ranging from 73 to 88°, and the water is a balmy 84°.

For two weeks, Puerto Rico has been without electricity or cell service, and many Puerto Ricans have been without access to running water, to name just a few of the challenges facing the U.S. territory since Hurricane Maria made landfall on September 20.

Even in today’s excessively connected world, it can be difficult for a community — especially one so far removed — to truly understand another.

Little did I know just how connected Minneapolis and the state of Minnesota are to the plight of Puerto Rico. Puerto Ricans are Minnesota Twins players, they are Minnesota state senators, local artists, and musicians who all have families, homes and cherished memories those 2,500 miles away.

These amazing Minnesotans have been organizing big-time to help bring aid to the people of Puerto Rico, and we can all chip in.  You can donate through the St. Paul Foundation by clicking here. Here is a list of things you can do and attend locally to make a difference (and get your local jam on at the same time):

And if you’re in the neighborhood, the agency is collecting supplies to bring to a local drop-off location to be sent to Puerto Rico in the coming days.