Old-School Unis Rule

August 15, 2017

New logos. New uniforms. It seems like some professional sports team is unveiling something daily. It’s been big news here in Minnesota recently, as the Timberwolves and Wild both debuted fresh threads. Some of it has to do with leagues switching official uniform partners (Nike just took over the NBA while the NHL is now Adidas). Some of it has to do with teams trying to keep up with trends and sell more gear.

Trouble is, I can’t remember the last new look from any team that I really liked. Most are fine and I would include the Wolves and Wild in that category. Perhaps I’m just old-school, but the greatest uniforms are the ones that have never really changed…or never should have.

Nobody asked my opinion, but I’m going to give it to you anyway. Here’s my top 10 uniforms of all time. Of course you can disagree, but you’d be wrong.

10) Minnesota North Stars – I have to have one home team one the list, right?

9) Houston Astros – These babies were pretty loud, but pretty awesome at the same time.

8) Oakland Raiders – Badassery at its finest.

7) Montreal Expos – The team is defunct but this look will live forever.

6) Detroit Red Wings – They get the nod over the Blackhawks for the NHL’s best look because they are not offensive to any group of people.

5) Oakland A’s – These are throwbacks the current team wore, but trust me, they were awesome in 1969, too. Vests!

4) San Diego Chargers – As you’ll see, I’ve got a thing for powder blue. If only Los Angeles had the good sense to keep these when they swiped the team.

3) New York Yankees – I hate the Yankees. I love the pinstripes.

2) New Jersey Nets – This should’ve been America’s team. Dr. J should’ve refused to play in anything else.

1) Houston Oilers – Luv Ya Blue was the team’s rallying cry. Nobody looked sweeter in powder blue than Earl Campbell. By far my favorite unis ever.