Meet Ally: New Kid On The Block And ’90s Aficionado

August 10, 2017

Hey there. I’m Ally and I’m one of the NKOTB here at Fast Horse. I feel pretty lucky these days because I’ve spent the last week and a half getting to know the mighty fine folks at Fast Horse all while reveling in the fact that the ’90s are so hot right now. Mules, denim skirts, chokers, Backstreet Boys. It’s all back and making me feel all kinds of nostalgia. So, to celebrate the time of yore and yesteryear, I started re-watching some of the classics TV hits, including every woman’s favorite or hated, “Sex and the City.”

Recently, I watched the episode where Miranda tries speed dating. Taking a note from her and the ’90s dating trend, my inaugural Idea Peepshow post hits you with some fast facts in order to get to know me at warp speed. Buckle up, it’ll be quick!

Speed-Meeting Ally:

  • I’m the youngest of four — two sisters and a brother — and they’re my No. 1 squad. I didn’t include a photo because that requires each of their approval on the photo and no one has time for that.
  • Despite my Minnesota love, my heart lies with Wisconsin. This could be because I was born and raised there, but it’s more likely the state’s abundance of beer and cheese. The Jordy-Aaron bromance doesn’t hurt, either. Go Pack Go.
  • My two nieces and nephew are home skillets for lyfe.

My homies: Emilia, Colette, Rowan

  • The sentence I use most, regardless of the season, is “I’m cold.”
  • The only novel adaptations I watched before reading are Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones and I regret it often.
  • My dog, Sully, is bigger than me.

He’s grown since then…

That should do it for now. Thanks for hanging, folks.