Marathons, Man Repeller And Myers-Briggs Breakups: Meet Kate

June 21, 2017

Hi everyone! I’m Kate Drakulic (my coworkers can Slack me for pronunciation details, if needed).

I’m an ENFP, a Libra, and a loose vegan*.

*Loose vegan: a person who under no casual circumstances consumes meat or fish or eggs, yet does not bother reading ingredient labels, because who has that kind of time, and who, under a few casual circumstances, may consume cheese in the form of on a pizza, in a salad, part of a spread or dip (like artichoke dip; yum), or in various other forms, as she tries to be as low-maintenance as possible while acknowledging her self-diagnosed lactose intolerance, her social/environmental obligations, and her Wisconsin-ness. After all, she’s only human.

I had a very cool and influential aunt who opened my eyes to grilled tofu and the horrors of animal agriculture and, honestly, I’ve never looked back.

Basic introductory posts are extremely cringe-y, and seeing as I’ve already strayed from the boundaries of basic introductory information, I’ll continue. I consider myself thrift-store savvy, I drink my coffee black (if I’m drinking it in the afternoon, things are not going well), and I’ll be a junior at the U of M this fall.

This previous academic year was really huge for me! I was finally able to define my interests and create a purposeful and promising area of study in fine art, mass communications and graphic design. My past work contains a lot of photography, figure drawings and acrylic paintings (mostly because I’m neither financially equipped nor “bougie” enough to buy oils). This is me and my painting that was recently chosen to be featured in Ivory Tower, an art and literary magazine at the U:

I’m an older sister, a long-distance best friend and an amateur barista (my latte art really needs some work). I’m a co-ed beach volleyball B-team athlete (that’s the bad team, FYI) and an avid reader of all things Man Repeller and Leandra Medine. Also, I like parentheses.

Honestly, who hasn’t?

What I’m most excited to share, however, is that as of last Saturday at exactly 12:10:53 p.m., I’m an official marathon runner?! For the past four months, I’ve been training for Grandma’s Marathon up in Duluth, and after a number of grueling workouts and 7 a.m. physical therapy appointments (as in: be up and awake and dressed and physically at the PT office by 7 a.m.), it turned out to be such an amazing, challenging and rewarding experience. I would love to tell you all about it! I did seem to have blacked out for the first 18 miles, though, so please keep all questions in regard to the latter half.

I’ve had a lot of roles, and I’m thrilled to take on my newest role as an intern here at Fast Horse. I’ve only been here a week, and I can already tell that the next seven are going to fly by. I’m looking forward to experiencing agency life and the production process, and I’m so excited to get back into a work routine! Yes, even we ENFPs need a little routine once in a while.