Flexibility Ignites Creativity In Our Working Environment

June 1, 2017

I have an extremely hard time working at a dedicated spot every day. I just can’t do it. So much of my inspiration is derived from the environment around me. I’ve hinted at this in past posts, but I can’t stress enough how much the flexibility of where I work affects my creativity.

Flexibility Ignites Creativity at Fast Horse

When I joined the Fast Horse team just over a year ago, that flexibility factored into my decision. At our HQ, it is encouraged that you sit in a different spot throughout the office every day. We have five floors, so there is plenty of variety depending on how you like to work. This seems to be a trend within companies lately, but from what I’ve seen at other businesses, it usually applies to a specific area or floor – not the entire building. At Fast Horse, you’re guaranteed to sit next to fresh faces daily. Also, if you need to get out of the office, grab a coffee and work remotely, that is totally encouraged as well.

Why Is Flexibility Important?

We’re an integrated agency with clients that demand creativity, big ideas and digital innovation. There are 35 or so people here who contribute to those needs, and not one of them works the same way. Creativity comes to us in our own individual processes, and where and how we work is a big component. Our leaders at Fast Horse understand the importance of flexible working and encourage us to find the right setting to maximize that creativity and efficiency, so that when we do reconvene on any given project, we can provide our best ideas.

Where We Like To Work

One of the biggest reasons I came to work for Fast Horse? It seemed like great ideas that make a real impact came really easily to this company. Now, seeing it firsthand for the last year, I know that my observation was dead on. I truly think being flexible in how you work creates better moods, increased energy and efficient work conditions. It fits my style perfectly and I know many of my colleagues would say the same.

Below are a few photos of our team taking advantage of the flexibility that we have here at Fast Horse. If you feel like this type of working environment would suit you, be sure to check out our career opportunities or shoot us a line, and let’s chat soon.

Working At Fast Horse

Third-floor brainstorm.

Whiteboard Session with Mel

The start of a whiteboard session with Mel. Via our Twitter @fast_horse

A Popular Spot In The Summer

A popular rooftop spot in the summer. Via my Twitter @jw_design

Big Ideas Come When On A Boat

Big ideas come when on a boat. Via our Twitter @fast_horse

Creativity Juice Is Sometimes Needed

Creativity juice is sometimes needed. Via our Twitter @fast_horse

I'm Usually Very Close To A Whiteboard And A Window.

I’m usually very close to a whiteboard and a window.

Game Changing Ideas Come With Your Clients On a Pedal Pub

Game-changing ideas come when you join clients on a Pedal Pub. Via Twitter @flownonfiction

First Floor At Fast Horse

Big, open areas with a great view on the first floor.