Awesome Guitar Solos

June 22, 2017

To continue with my guitar-centric posts, I thought I would put up a short list of songs that have guitar solos that I really dig. Who doesn’t like a great guitar solo? It’s a chance for the guitar player to step up and take center stage away from the spotlight-hogging singer.

I’m including YouTube links that send you directly to the solos, if you want to skip the rest of the song and jump straight to the best part. But I’ll also embed the full videos. Prepare to have your face melted or rocked off. Whichever you prefer. Enjoy!

1) Ozzy Osbourne – Bark at the Moon.

Jake E Lee is at the guitar helm on this track with a monster solo. The run at the end is godlike. Good stuff. (Skip to the solo.)

2) Dokken – Tooth and Nail.

It’s George Lynch. Not much else to say. (Skip to the solo.)

3) Yngwie J. Malmsteen – I Am A Viking.

There so many YJM solos to choose from but this one starts with a blistering run that is just plain awesome. I would start every solo like this if I could play that opening run like he does. (Skip to the solo.)

4) Night Ranger – Don’t Tell Me You Love Me.

Brad Gillis and Jeff Watson. This solo has all the tricks like dive bombing, string warbles and speed picking. (Skip to the solo.)

5) Dio – Sacred Heart.

Vivian Campbell once said he didn’t think he was a great soloist. The solo on this song proves him wrong. (Skip to the solo.)