Mother’s Day And Marketing

May 8, 2017

It’s almost Mother’s Day. And next to the holidays and Super Bowl, it’s also one of my favorite marketing seasons. I love seeing the creative ways brands are trying to reach moms. Here are some of the spots that caught my attention from this year’s crop.

Kraft’s Swear Like A Mother
I swear — and according to Kraft, so do 74 percent of moms. For some reason, that makes me feel good. Because I like moms who swear. And if moms don’t swear, I find it really F&%#$@% hard to relate to them.

KFC Tender Wings of Desire
I’m not going to lie. If my kids came home with a bucket of chicken for Mother’s Day, I would be disappointed. But if said bucket also came with a novella featuring Colonel Sanders and his love interest as the accompanying gift? Well, let’s just say, I would make sure Santa punished them, come Christmas time.

American Greetings #GiveMeaning
You’d expect a greeting-card commercial around Mother’s Day to make you cry. Especially one that was inspired by a true story. This one lives up to those expectations and then some. It also makes me want to get a tattoo.