Minnesota’s Newest Girl Group

March 31, 2017

Earlier this year, I was scouted for a girl group. We don’t sing and we don’t play any instruments, but we take spin classes and drink wine. To celebrate the final day of Women’s History Month, I thought I would tell you about how I’m currently thriving in a community of like-minded gals through this group, all in the hope of inspiring you to do the same.

It all started last year, when two local ladies were lamenting how hard it is to meet new female friends. If you’re like me, you have had this exact same conversation many, many times, but these two babes decided to do something about it. They created the framework for a monthly gals club, with the hopes of meeting new women, trying new things and building a community.

With the goal of assembling a group of fifteen ladies (a manageable number to start), they set out distributing invites. They both reached out to two women who were outside their inner circle, one of whom was me. I went to high school with one of the founding ladies, and although we grab cocktails after work a couple times a year, we didn’t know each other that well (I’m a year older and it was a big high school).

I said yes immediately, and declared the idea genius. For me, the timing was perfect. A handful of my close girl friends had moved away in the past two years, I love trying new things, and I felt like I was missing a little inspiration and sparkle in my life. Diagnosis: more girl time.

As part of the framework, I also had the opportunity to reach out to two women whom I adored but were outside my inner circle. After almost no debate, I sent my emails, and both of my invitees said yes. Everyone was loving this idea.

We kicked things off just two weeks later at a weekend brunch. There were get-to-know-you games, and lots of great conversations. As it turns out, we have as much in common as we do differences — there are all sorts of different careers and living situations, ranging from “home with parents in the ‘burbs” to “homeowners in the city,” women with children, women without children, single ladies, married ladies — and there’s about a six-year age difference between the youngest and eldest of our group. All of the unique perspectives were so refreshing, and I walked out of there on some sort of social high.

Brunch at Augustine’s in St. Paul

The following month, for our first official event, we went to a spin class at a new gym in Uptown, and then just a few days ago, someone lined up a yoga class for us at Minnesota’s only salt cave. After each monthly adventure, we grab a drink or food after to talk about life. Both activities have been so fun, and I’m already trying to figure out what I’m going to do for my month (everyone takes turns planning an outing).

If any of this sounds exciting or right up your alley, I strongly recommend you consider starting your own girl group. I guarantee you there are lots of ladies who would gladly join your tribe!

Yoga at The Salt Save in South Minneapolis