J’s On My Feet

February 1, 2017

Since I’m an avid basketball fan — and named after the GOAT, Michael Jordan — Jordan shoes have always been a fascination of mine. In an industry that has seen resale markets at an all-time high in the past few years, I find myself immersed in the rush to cop retro Jordans. Yes, I will go to crazy lengths to make sure I get a pair of new shoes, including camping out overnight in subzero temperatures. I will drive my friends around to enter raffles for me, among other things. But, my fascination didn’t just start from nowhere.

As soon as I was born, my mom dressed me in Jordan brand jumpsuits with the matching hats and shoes. Playing grade-school basketball, I had to wear the number 23 and have Jordans for my game shoes. I used to watch “Space Jam” or Michael Jordan highlight reels instead of cartoons — not something your average grade-schooler does. I used to play basketball in my backyard and reenact how the Chicago Bulls introduced their starting line ups as I would take the court in my MJ jersey:

I would have dunk contests with my friends on a mini-hoop in my backyard and try to impersonate a signature “tongue out” Michael Jordan dunk.

All I wanted was to be just like Mike.

People (like me) are obsessed with Michael Jordan and his brand, but more specifically, his retro shoes. People spend absurd amounts of money (thousands and thousands of dollars) to buy limited retros on the resale market. So, I wanted to share one of my passions with you and take you inside my (not very impressive) Jordan Brand retro shoe collection:

Air Jordan Retro 1s — Midnight Navy

Air Jordan Retro 6s — Sweater

Air Jordan Retro 8s — Take Flight

Air Jordan Retro 9s — OGs

Air Jordan Retro 11s — Space Jams


Air Jordan Retro 12s — French Blue

 Air Jordan Retro 12s — Flu Game

Air Jordan Retro 13s — Black Cat