Exploring Memories In iOS 10

October 13, 2016

With the launch of iOS 10, many different opinions about the new operating system are circulating the web. In fact, many different opinions began circulating in my inner circle as well. And, love it or hate it, it has a new feature that I just adore.

Now, when you click on the Photos icon, there is a new option called Memories. It compiles different photos and videos from your albums and stitches them together to create a slideshow of sorts.


A wedding in Bellagio? A trip to Plymouth, Massachusetts? The best of the last 3 months? It is all right there.


You even have the options of choosing a backing music track, picking the length and customizing the edit.


It is a fact that our society has evolved from sharing the written word to sharing still images to sharing video. And I am a firm believer that in this day in age, nothing better captures a moment in time than video.

Beginning years and years ago, when I purchased my first Mac, one of my favorite parts of taking a trip was the return, when I would sit down with the memories from my time spent there. I would spend a few days editing hundreds of photos and videos down into a short movie. It was a way to ensure that all that content didn’t get lost in time or space, but was captured as a snackable treat that could be enjoyed at any time.


And for those monumental moments in life, like birthdays, I love to create a video of the last year, so we could look back in amazement of all the incredible moments we had the chance to experience.


To this day, one of my favorite parts of a plane ride is pulling out those videos and getting lost in old memories.

I admit I am a little sad that my post-trip ritual is quickly becoming a piece of the past, but love that iOS 10 has made it so easy for me to relive and give gratitude for all the incredible memories I have.

Here’s to the memories.