Top Six Career Moments Challenge

August 26, 2016

The internet is filled with all sorts of challenges, some for a cause, and some not so much. To name a few: the ALS ice bucket challenge, the motherhood challenge, the “dog” motherhood challenge, and most recently, the “love your spouse” challenge. While I’m typically not an active participant in these challenges, I’m going to start my own: the Top Six Career Moments Challenge. I’m doing it mainly because I’ve been in the workforce for six years now, and I’d like to reflect on the best moments of my career, in no particular order.

  • Riding through the Minneapolis skyway in an egg suit, with my fellow friend bacon.
IMG_1053 1
  • Taking a selfie with Carlton right before we rode on a zipline in beautiful Park City, Utah. This moment is probably tied with traveling to middle-of-nowhere Montana with Carlton and getting to listen to him rap. (cc: Mike, Melissa, Tessa)
IMG_6870 FullSizeRender
  • Getting to visit the Bluebird Café in Nashville, Tenn.
IMG_1430 IMG_1417
  • Figuring out how to purchase a motorcycle that would run with a bio-fuel diesel blend that’s partially created from bacon grease. Also finding someone who could make this fuel. Also trying to find a “bung wrench” to open the fuel barrels. The final result, Driven by Bacon, was totally worth it.
IMG_4043 Driven By Bacon
  • Getting to drive from Yellowstone National Park to the Grand Canyon, seeing some of the most beautiful countryside with some really awesome people. Oh, and #fiancedriver!
IMG_6837 11713747_858837524193256_6461282337124091400_o
  • Meeting really, ridiculously, spectacularly awesome people at each place I’ve been lucky enough to work. People are everything, and having great ones around make the days so much better!

So, people of the internet – I’d like to challenge you! What are your top six career moments?