Positivity On The Internet: #ThatsGold

August 24, 2016

I know the Olympics are over, but I just need to get something off my chest. The Olympics are the greatest sporting event in the world. End of story. And here’s why (from my point-of-view):

  • The commercials are not the main attraction (Unlike that big event that’s so “super” and rhymes with mole).
  • Instant replays are almost always epic. Photo finish!
  • Nearly 11,000 athletes from over 200 countries compete for two weeks. There is always something to watch.
  • Instead of yelling at the TV during one game – lame – you become an authority on 300 different sports, including some you’ve probably never heard of. I’ll be sitting on the couch eating a jelly donut yelling at my TV like I’m a coach of whatever happens to be on,bBecause I know Simone Biles really needs to work on her uneven bar game. And the equestrians really could have “dressaged” a little harder.
  • And if you’re lucky enough to follow me on Snapchat (@sammie.ramsay), you know my real strength lies in Olympics commentating. As long as I have that bee filter.

But those aren’t the only reasons. The Olympics bring us together like nothing else. We become united through inspiring stories, triumphant accomplishments and stunning displays of athletic performance. Something so intangible it’s almost magic.

This intangible, magic feeling comes from so many aspects of the Games. It’s seeing Team Refugee on the world stage, a new mother coming back to win gold or just that moment hearing our country’s national anthem.

A partner of the Olympic Games for 88 years, Coca-Cola aimed to capture this feeling and what the Olympics inspire for fans around the world. The campaign was called #ThatsGold. Obviously, winning a real gold medal is something only Michael Phelps and a lucky few get to experience. Through #ThatsGold, Coca-Cola displayed how gold-medal moments exist beyond the podium. They’re the happy and humorous moments in life everybody can experience and enjoy, from something small and mundane, to exciting and life-changing. It’s a feeling everyone can achieve and celebrate.

For the North American launch of #ThatsGold, part of our campaign encouraged fans to share their own #ThatsGold moments on social media. This came to life through an amazing blogger program and captured real moments from fans.

I was blown away by what we captured. Each message became more and more positive and uplifting – something you don’t always find on social media. It was great to see how we were helping give a voice and platform to share happy moments, and how excited the public was to participate. Helping people laugh, smile and spread happiness.

Below are some of my favorite moments we captured from fans at a USA Diving event in Atlanta, GA, home of the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. In total, we had nearly 330 people come through and record their #ThatsGold moments. I hope you check them out and remember: anything you do to spread happiness or do something positive, #ThatsGold.