Doin’ Good With Minute Maid And Missy Franklin

May 10, 2016

I’m not going to pretend I understand the difficulties of parenting. In my twenties, I bet half the country doesn’t think my “self-obsessed Millennial mind” can fathom the job. I would say they’re right… but is anyone “ready” to be a parent?

I got a taste of childcare during my college years as a nanny. I watched two beautiful kids grow up from the time they were just infants. Besides checking if they were still breathing every few hours, I dealt with many tears, bumps and bruises, hunger strikes when I cut a waffle the “wrong way,” and became really good at bargaining when it came to bed time.

But that was years ago. My responsibilities ended after 4 p.m. I come home whenever I want. I don’t worry about anyone’s schedule. Basically, I just have to remember to feed myself.

I think we all get to a point when we realize parents are not the perfect superheroes we grew up thinking they were. They’re human. You learn they made epic sacrifices to not only raise you, but to give you the opportunity to pursue your dreams – something they most likely gave up in the process.

This is why I feel so fortunate to work on Minute Maid’s #doingood campaign. That’s right, I said “fortunate.” About work. The message is simple: Minute Maid wants to celebrate parents. It aims to stamp out feelings of guilt and inadequacy many feel and instead, remind moms and dads of all the wonderful things they do every single day that make a difference in their children’s lives.

Dave and I had the most amazing opportunity to work with Olympic gold medalist Missy Franklin as part of a publicity effort surrounding her new Minute Maid #doingood video. In it, Missy orchestrates the ultimate surprise to let her parents know just how great they’re doing.

Last week, we made a quick trip to Denver, where we held a wildly successful media tour. Missy shared her experience and encouraged fans to follow her lead. The best part? We were fortunate enough to be invited into the Franklin home and enjoy a fantastic dinner with Missy and her mom.

Watching the film and being part of this campaign has completely changed my perspective. I still have a mini-heart-attack every time I begin to consider the idea of being a mom, but if it happens, I’m comforted knowing I have the best role models to look up to. To my amazing co-workers, my dear friends and my own parents, you make the unthinkable happen every day. You’re doin’ SO good, it blows my mind.

Now check out Missy’s heartfelt video below – then call your parents.