Just A Kid With Hoop Dreams

April 12, 2016

As a kid, basketball all-star games, dunk contests and the like were appointment television for me. They were the stuff dreams were made of, and I can vividly remember watching and re-watching the highlights.

One of the biggest appointments — an event not to be missed — was the McDonald’s All American Game and its annual slam dunk and three-point contest lead-ins, better known as POWERADE Jam Fest. The events offered the chance to see future superstars at their most relatable stage, high school.

Just a few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend the 30th annual Jam Fest as part of the POWERADE “Just a Kid” campaign. The campaign celebrates the big dreams of young athletes everywhere, linking them to their heroes by reinforcing one simple truth: We’re all just a kid from somewhere.

POWERADE partnered with a group of influential social media personalities to come out and capture content for the campaign at this year’s Jam Fest, held inside the famed Chicago Theater. For one night, basketball took center stage inside the iconic 95-year-old theater, a venue that’s hosted the likes of Frank Sinatra and Kanye West over the years.

Neither the stage nor the acts disappointed, making the experience every bit as memorable as the highlights I watched and re-watched as a kid. Take a look: