Local Feature: The Creative’s Counsel

March 4, 2016

This month, I interviewed a good friend and local entrepreneur about her new small biz created in 2015. Minneapolis is such a hub for creatives and makers, and it’s oh-so-fun to have the chance to pick their brains and see so many of them working together! Here’s my interview with Wynne Reece, founder of The Creative’s Counsel.

Creative's Counsel Backdrop

Wynne, you first pursued law school, and then decided to take on planning weddings and special events – tell us about your favorite pieces of each that have led to what you’re up to now.

While immersed in the throes of the event planning industry, I found out just how many business owners didn’t have the legal side of their businesses managed. In most cases, this was due to one of three things: lack of understanding of their legal needs, DIY legal websites, or the concern that legal assistance was cost-prohibitive. So, with all of these in mind, we structured The Creative’s Counsel to provide affordable legal representation — with large firm experience and work product quality — to creatives, makers and small business owners. It highlights the importance of the attorney-client relationship and the need for ease and accessibility to one’s attorney. While I love planning, my truest joy is helping others feel secure in their business endeavors, so that they can stay humble and hustle hard, pursuing their passions. The Creative’s Counsel is an arm of Reece Law, L.L.C., built with the client in mind. It is based on our genuine interest and passion for people, and our love of connecting with new people and learning about their dreams. I’m not sure where it will go, but the dream is to continue to assist and develop more small businesses in the Minneapolis area.

Creative's Counsel Business Card

You were born and raised in Minneapolis. Did this play a part in influencing what you wanted to do for work surrounding small business and creatives in the area?

I credit my creative, entrepreneurial spirit to my childhood. Creativity from my mother, law from my father. From both, a strong work ethic. Minneapolis allowed me to meld these two diverse experiences into one. I had always hoped I would do just this, though I couldn’t imagine how it would all come together.

You’ve been doing monthly sessions called Brown Bag Lunches – tell us about these events and what you’ve achieved through hosting them.

These events are meant to allow people to get creative answers to roadblocks they’re experiencing. With the various perspectives, creative answers become possible. People have the chance to ask for help or advice, and all are able to pitch in with responses. The results have been great! I’ve learned so much and have felt like I’ve been able to truly help others by opening up that shared knowledge of who attend.

How are you finding it’s been best to get word of your new business out?

I suppose I would tell people focus on what you’re good at. For me, that meant hosting events (e.g. Brown Bag Lunches and legal seminars). I was able to do what I’m good at in a different, creative way which gets people interested and brings about all kinds of new people who might benefit from my events and business.

Until next time!