Party Down — It’s The Big Game!

February 3, 2016

The countdown is on — brands are releasing major commercials, Beyoncé is prepping that booty and we’ll see if Peyton Manning finally just crumbles into a million pieces of football greatness. But beyond predictions and gossiping about the halftime show, there’s something even more important a majority of people get excited about during football: the food.

For the second year, Fast Horse is working with Coca-Cola and NABISCO on their “Home Bowl” retail campaign, a product lineup with all the snacks and beverages you need to pull off the ultimate game-day party. It’s in stores, so stock up!

One of our major tactics in driving awareness and intent among consumers is utilizing Pinterest influencers. These partnerships help create inspirational ideas with the Home Bowl lineup and reach decision makers on the platform they turn to while prepping their shopping lists. Since they’re authorities in the space, they help a brand like Coca-Cola receive third-party validation and click-worthy content on a platform made for inspiring and planning for the future. Our future is this Sunday.

Working on the project has had me Pinning like a madwoman. We’ve seen some new trends this year, and below are some of my favorites, straight from our Home Bowl campaign:

  1. All the bacon. Yes, apparently it can get even more delicious, and it’s been the ingredient of choice among many party planners. From Bacon Candy, to wrapping it around chicken for a Sweet and Spicy chicken tender, I’m sold.

2. Snack-sized is the best size. You don’t need to cook a full meal, and that way you can try a little bit of everything. I’m talking mini sliders, hand-held sandwiches  – you can’t go wrong. Better yet, go for a bar or snack board set-up so everyone can come and go as they please.

  1. Don’t ditch dessert. It might be the most overlooked game-day food, but our partners went big. Who knew Coca-Cola could be the secret ingredient in delicious cookies? I’m just going to leave some tasty treats right here…Enjoy!