$50,000 In Five Minutes

January 27, 2016

1moneyIn the midst of all the lottery hubbub a few weeks ago, I overheard numerous people discussing what they’d buy if they won the jackpot. I’m not a gambler, so it’s not a topic I’ve ever spent much time considering. But for some reason it got me thinking about what kind of purchases I’d make if I was forced to spend frivolously. For someone who has a tough time coming up with a Christmas list every year, it’s not as simple as you might think.

Of course, anything’s possible when you’re talking about $500 million, so I started to add some parameters to make it more interesting. With inspiration from a Richard Pryor movie titled Brewster’s Millions and a bad ’80s game show called Sale of the Century, I conjured up a hypothetical challenge in my head. It starts with a $50,000 shopping spree on eBay, but there are some strict rules attached. Here goes:

– You must spend exactly $50,000 on eBay within 5 minutes or you get nothing
– You get no time for advance research
– You must make a minimum of 5 purchases
– You can’t duplicate items
– You can’t resell your purchases or buy gift cards

I failed miserably in my first attempt. My second try yielded the following:

1966 Ford Mustang Convertible: $24,777
I’ve always thought a convertible muscle car would be cool. I’d need somewhere to store it, but it would be sweet to drive on beautiful summer days.11966_custom_convertible

88” Samsung Curved 3D LED Smart TV: $15,248
The 65” television currently in my basement is 13 years old. And as my eyesight deteriorates, I’d rather get a bigger TV than glasses.1TV

1978 Kiss Pinball Machine: $5,999
Do I play pinball? No. Would this look awesome in my basement? Yes.1pinball

2005 Gibson Les Paul Guitar: $2,095
I’m sure I’d be a better guitar player if I bought a better guitar, right?1Les_Paul_Standard_Plus_1795676_1

2015 Calloway X Hot Golf Clubs and Bag: $1,879.99
I’m sure I’d be a better golfer if I bought better clubs, right?1clubs

2015 Topps Football Card Pack (unopened): $1.01
I needed to spend a very specific dollar figure and this what popped up in my filtered search in the sports collectibles section.1cards

Think you can do better? Feel free to judge me, but you have no time to hunt for deals or look for the perfect purchase in my silly little made-up challenge. If you need a fun break in your day, try to spend “$50,000 In Five Minutes” yourself and share the results in the comments. Enjoy.