Oh, When The Danes Go Marching In

November 23, 2015

A few weekends ago, I traveled to New Orleans for the first time. I was meeting two other Nawlins newbies making the trip all the way from Denmark. While we could all agree that the city was mesmerizing — and the beignets from Café du Monde were life-changing — a few experiences brought different opinions.

I actually have a history of comparing Danish culture to American culture. In my glory days as a college student studying abroad in Copenhagen, I had a blog, appropriately named Copenhannah. Very unexpectedly, one of my blog posts, “How To Look Like A Dane,” went viral. My inbox blew up overnight with “fan” messages (none from the Danish royal family, sadly). I was even interviewed by a few Danish magazines — with one going as far to put my name and Oprah’s in the same sentence discussing the Danes’ American obsessions.


So let’s try this again. A Minnesotan and two Danes walk into a bar…

(Warning: Sequels are never as good as the original.)

Rental Cars
Me: Since I’m not 25 (those fees, man) and only looking to spend my money on gumbo, not gas, let’s go with an affordable eco-friendly option.
The Danes: Gas and cars are ridiculously cheap here. We’ll take the bright yellow Mustang, sir.

Danes in New Orleans_Mustang

Bourbon Street
Me: The bars never close and you can carry drinks on the streets? How is this legal?!
The Danes: Yawn. This is how drinking works in Europe.

Saturday Afternoon Activity
The Danes: The Denmark vs. Sweden soccer game is on at 3:00. We gotta post up in a pub.
Me: Soccer. Lol.
Me (two 45-minute halves later): Soccer. Lol.

Me: Let’s go find a true New Orleans brunch – crayfish, grits, Andouille sausage.
The Danes: Let’s go find a true American brunch – bacon, eggs, donuts.

Danes in New Orleans_Donut

Peanut butter, dark chocolate, oreo, banana, and bacon donut. American enough for ya?


Me: Pass. Too cliché.
The Danes: Yes! Just like the movies!

The National World War II Museum
Me: Holy Hannah! This is the best museum ever. My two grandpas fought….one crash landed over Japan..the other…oh look…can we stay just a few more hours?
The DanesWe’ll be at the riverboat!

Evening Activities
Me: It’s 2:00 a.m. I’m going to go to bed.
The Danes: What’s your Netflix password?
(Hmm, I guess some things are universal!)

Even with a few differences in our perspective and preference, in the land of beignets, I still choose Danishes every time!