The Rolling Stones & Ice Cream: Exploring Mound

June 9, 2015

At the end of April, my new husband and I closed on our first house. It’s a little yellow gem nestled out on Three Points Boulevard in Mound. We’ve lived in Mound for just over a year and a half, and we’ve totally fallen for it. It didn’t take long at all. The Luce Line trail, boats and beaches galore, birds singing in the morning, nightly neighborhood bonfires — it’s a dream.

Eagle Lane

We’ve taken to reading up on the rich history of Lake Minnetonka and its glory days, collecting anecdotes from Tales From Tonka: Stories of People Around Lake Minnetonka by Ellen Wilson Meyer and Bette Jones Hammel’s Legendary Homes of Lake Minnetonka. From stories of The Rolling Stones playing for 283 unimpressed Minnesotans at Excelsior’s Danceland Amusement Park in ’64 — with tickets at a whopping $6.00 a pop — to learning of the different battles and Indian burial mounds in the area, to the railroad hitting Wayzata and changing life as we knew it, it was so fun to relive some of the historic moments that happened right beneath our feet.

Danceland Excelsior MN

After browsing the pages above, it seemed appropriate to share some of my top spots with you. These are the places you might’ve heard me raving about in random conversation, in the case that you venture out this way this summer. So, without further ado, here are the pit stops you should consider making next time you’re out in my neck of the woods.

Minnetonka Drive-In

For a little step back in time and some seriously tasty (and greasy) fried chicken, this visit is a must. On Wednesday nights, you’ll find an abundance of shiny beauties here for the weekly classic automobile night. People gather to share stories and people-watch.

Minnetonka Drive In

Surfside Park

You can rent all kinds of water-sport accessories and essentials at the rental shop at Surfside Park. The guys are friendly, they’ve got a cold cooler of classic Coca-Cola, and they have paddle boards. That’s all you really need. Here is a view of the park from Lake Minnetonka:

Surfside Park

Lost Lake Creamery

Since opening last year, this little jewel has become Mound’s new favorite nightly hangout. They’ve got a vintage feel inside, with the best scoop in Westonka!

Big Stone Mini Golf and Sculpture Garden

One of the neatest places I’ve visited, and it’s so easy on the eyes! Located near Gale Woods Farm, it’s so fun to wander around, play a little putt-putt, pet some goats — you know, the usual.

Big Stone Golf and Sculpture Garden

Mama’s Happy

One of my favorite places to peruse and walk around once a month is Mama’s Happy Occasional Shop, located in Independence. All of the ‘Mamas’ collect and repurpose all kinds of furniture and home goods, and some even make clothing. The perfect spot to find a heartfelt gift or get inspired to make something!

Mama's Happy

Al and Alma’s

A fine establishment nestled in Mound that also offers up lake cruises – those big ships you see gliding across the lake hosting dinner events, live music, and parties. Try the lobster mac and cheese!