Shaun’s 5 Favorite Kickstarters

June 23, 2015

I have yet to fund a Kickstarter campaign, but I do like to visit the site from time to time to see what’s going on. Here is a list of five tech-related Kickstarter campaigns that I think are pretty cool.

1) Lightsail

A “solar sailing” project sponsored by the Science Guy himself. It’s being called a “low-cost” way to make space travel accessible to everyone. Whoa.


2) Adaptive Saber Parts

It’s literally a lightsaber. A customizable lightsaber. If you don’t know how cool this is, I can’t help you.


3) yeair!

A professionally made drone that’s ready for industrial applications. The technology is here — now let’s figure out how to use it.


4) Kokoon

Noise-cancelling, uber-comfortable headphones that detect your sleep patterns and play different audio to help you snooze better. Plus, you get all sorts of cool data about your sleep patterns on your smartphone.


5) The Model 01

CNET called it “the most beautiful keyboard ever made.” The makers call it “heirloom-grade.” I just call it cool. Made from solid maple with custom-sculpted keyswitches and an ergonomic layout, it’s just a joy to look at.