It’s All About Love, Really

June 10, 2015

Love. It’s all about love, really. It has been a force throughout my life and I know without a doubt, it will continue to be.

We moved around a lot as a kid, which has, in hindsight, made me love change and meeting new people.

The late 70's.

The late ’70s.

We finally put down roots when my family moved to St. Louis, when I was 13. We stayed in a hotel for the first few weeks, and I noticed a really cute boy who would eat breakfast every morning the same time I did, and then head off to the same school as me. (Yes, there is foreshadowing here.)

Fast forward to senior year, when that boy and I fell in love. Butterfly-filled, deep, pure love.

High School Graduation 1996

High school graduation, 1996

After incredible memories were created, we left for separate colleges, so I could study advertising at the University of Missouri’s journalism school. And with distance, came separation.

After college, I didn’t dare head back to St. Louis, so I moved all the way, to Kansas City, which felt like such a big leap at the time. There I started working at an agency on Sprint, but was bummed to learn that there was another agency that was functioning as the agency of record. I thought to myself, “Why am I not working at the AOR?”

So, I decided to move to a city that I have always loved: New York. After interviewing my heart out, I was offered a position at Saatchi & Saatchi on P&G’s Old Spice. It was incredible.

New York

New York City, 2003


A few years later, I was drawn to a position in Los Angeles at TBWA\Chiat\Day. I had always been enamored with both the city and the agency. I spent an incredible 4 years at Chiat working on brands such as Uncle Ben’s, Hillshire Farm and Jimmy Dean. It was in this moment that I realized I would always fall deeply in love with the brands I had the pleasure to impact. That, and the water.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles 2007


I’ve always had a deep passion for music, so I was thrilled when a position as the director of global strategic partnerships at Interscope Records fell into my lap. A chance to work with U2, Lady Gaga and the Black Eyed Peas made me weak in the knees. I loved these artists, but strangely enough, it also made me miss advertising.

There was also something else I strangely missed. Him. And one day he called. I remember it so well. My heart skipped a beat. We talked. And talked. For hours! He visited. It was amazing. He lived in Minnesota. And we decided that I should too.

Reunited 2009

Reunited 2009


First came an incredible opportunity at Fallon to work on a portfolio of Nestle Purina’s dog food brands such as ALPO, Dog Chow. Colle+McVoy then offered me a chance to further expand my digital and PR chops with a position to create breakthrough work on a brand I loved, Caribou Coffee.

Bora Bora Wedding

Our Bora Bora wedding, 2012


And now my heart is bursting with pride that I have the opportunity to join Fast Horse and work on an incredible portfolio of General Mills brands. And do this all with my high school sweetheart and our little boy by my side.

photo 2

The Bertling family today