Disconnect To Spark Creativity

June 2, 2015

Posting the latest update on Twitter, making sure our picture-perfect food has been uploaded to Instagram, checking to see who’s gotten married or had a baby on Facebook, answering a phone call from our moms, texting our significant others letting know we’re going to be home late for dinner, scrolling through email to see what the latest fire drill might be, you know — everyday life. Our phones, our computers, our tablets — we’re always connected to them, and quite frankly, it’s hard to get away. Especially in today’s world, when we are always expected to be on, and to be available, sometimes it can be hard to actually get away; to find ways to spark your creativity.

I too am victim to everything described above. Always wanting to make sure you’re doing your best at work, or that you’re there for your family when they need to talk. But, sometimes, you just need to get away and shut down.

This past weekend my fiancé and I went camping in St. Croix State Park. Since it was my first time (real) camping, I was excited. Sometimes to get away, you literally have to go somewhere in the woods where you don’t have any cell-phone service.  The entire weekend was full of new experiences, surprises, and some not-so-great things:

1.  You most definitely can’t predict the weather
On Friday morning, I was sitting at my house in shorts and a tank top.  On Friday night, I was bundled in a tent, in a sweatshirt, pants, socks, and beneath five blankets.


2. The woods really are peaceful
There’s really nothing better than sitting by a campfire, with a glass of wine, reading a book.


3. Ticks in Minnesota really are a thing
Everybody told me before I left, “Watch out for ticks, they’re really bad!” I thought to myself, yeah right, I’ll wear bug spray and it’ll be just fine. WRONG. On Saturday morning, Adam and I decided it would be fun to go on a little hike. Check out the St. Croix river, see some nature, get some exercise. Well, before we knew it, we had hiked about three miles when I looked down to see a nice black wood tick on my shirt, and further inspection revealed about 25 ticks on my shoe. Well, half an hour later, after we stripped in the middle of nowhere, we had de-ticked about 75 disgusting black bugs from our bodies. Ew.

4. Pie irons, ever heard of ‘em?
If not, it’s a long metal stick with a sandwich box on the end that you literally put right in the fire. Directions: 2 pieces of bread, butter both outsides. On the insides, one side peanut butter, one side jelly, slice up a few bananas in the middle. Shut the iron sandwich, throw it on the fire. Five minutes on each side. BAM. Best breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner you’ll ever have.

5. You really can disconnect
In order to feel rejuvenated, get your creative juices flowing again, reconnect with yourself — get away, go unplug.  It’s amazing what you’ll feel like when you come back from an hour, a day, or a weekend, truly ready to take on Monday.