Best Business Trip Ever: Part Deux

June 24, 2015

Last weekend, I make the journey to the Hamptons for a Coca-Cola Life event. The trip required a flight into JFK and a nearly four-hour, bumper-to-bumper drive to Sag Harbor. (Hamptons travel tip No. 1: take the train).

I had never been to the Hamptons, but they was just how I imagined them — or at least how “Real Housewives of New York” portrays them. Charming main-street storefronts, busy marinas holding luxury yachts, beautiful ocean views, fabulous people walking their fabulous dogs.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.22.28 PM

I spent the weekend at Barons Cove, a recently renovated inn located in Sag Harbor. The hotel décor was straight out of Ralph Lauren ad.

Before the event on Saturday evening, I was able to take some time to explore the area. The mornings are very quiet in the Hamptons. It seems no one makes their way out until late morning and “brunch” in the Hamptons means 1 or later. My theory is that Hampton people just take more time to get ready in the morning to look that fabulous.

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 6.22.58 PMAlso, everyone in the Hamptons drinks rosé. Everyone. I swear even the dog dishes had rosé in them.

Later Saturday afternoon I made my way to the event, which was being hosted by the foodie website and newsletter Tasting Table. In partnership with Coca-Cola Life and a few other sponsors, Tasting Table rented out a home nestled in the woods of Sag Harbor, where a series of food-centric events are being hosted this summer.


Saturday evening was all about barbecue, and the food was truly amazing, it paired very well with the sweet taste of Coca-Cola Life. It was a total Hamptons crowd at the party – based on what my last 24 hours had taught me was a typical Hamptons crowd – fabulous people, wearing fabulous outfits, talking about fabulous things. (Hamptons travel tip No. 2: best travel destination for people-watching and overhearing name-dropping.)

There was also a pool party on Sunday afternoon. (Hampton travel tip No. 3: In the Hamptons, even though it’s called a pool party, no one actually gets in the pool.) 

And of course, no sponsored event would be complete without a step-and-repeat and swag bags. Which, in true Hamptons style, were kind of fabulous.

I love that my job has taken me to so many places I may have not otherwise gone. Between trips to Big Sur and now the Hamptons, I think 2015 will go down as the year of epic work trips.

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