The Easiest Way To Meet Strangers

January 27, 2015

coffee - AlexIf you’re ever in a situation where you’re meeting new people, a great way to kill the conversation is to ask the ever-so-original question, “So, what do you do?”

To be fair, it is one of the most basic things you can learn about somebody. But in “get-to-know-you” mode, it’s easy to go on autopilot and check out when answering this question for a stranger. How many times can you say “I knit exclusively left-handed mittens” or “I’m a nurse at a hospital for team mascots” without really engaging anymore? The answer is: not many.

I like asking the question, “What do you do in your free time?” Inevitably, it’s something they really care about. Something they care enough about to do for free. Take me, for example. I love writing, and I love music, and I incorporate both of those into my life outside of work. But my big thing is volleyball, and I wouldn’t be playing community volleyball right now if I hadn’t found

Meetup is a website that brings people together in their own communities around things and interests they have in common. They make it easier to meet strangers (in the safest, best way imaginable). If you ever find yourself bored or lonely, this is your solution. No more excuses.

corgiSo what do you want to do more of? What kinds of people would you be interested in hanging out with? What skill do you want to improve? Check out the website, type in your location and watch the opportunities pop up. But just in case you’re curious what kind of groups are really out there……here are a few for you to browse through.

Personally, the Corgi meetup sounds like it could be a contender for my 2015 Highlights of the Year.

And many, many more. Whether you’re single, a senior citizen, an athlete, an aspiring French speaker, a computer programmer, or if you like to knit, there’s a group waiting to welcome you.