Meet The Custom Furniture Of Fast Horse’s New Headquarters

January 23, 2015
Building Day

We’ve been up and running in our new building for a couple weeks now, and things are really starting to come together. People are settling into the space, and we’re racking up furniture deliveries each day that make the building just a little more complete.

Some of the most exciting additions of late have been from local craft furniture makers, who created custom pieces for various spaces in Fast Horse’s new building. We wanted to showcase work from local builders that’s creative and unique, and as functional as it is beautiful. Each of them delivered in spades.

Scott McGlasson, proprietor of Wood Sport in St. Paul, built a series of gorgeous conference and work tables using steel bases and various wood tops.

Ash table WS inst

A Wood Sport conference table made from solid ash finished in white Rubio, with white steel bases.

Ash table at FH

The ash conference table made a ground-floor pit stop before being lifted to its second-floor home.

Although we pulled it off relatively without incident, the sheer size and weight of the solid ash table required a giant forklift and eight people to wrangle it to the building’s second floor.

Ash table move
White table

A Wood Sport conference table made from laminated baltic birch with black steel bases.


Conway electric box.

For our conference rooms, Fast Horse turned to Matt Eastvold of Northfield’s Eastvold Furniture to design and build custom credenzas from solid ash.

Credenza 3

Since Jorg had the good fortune to nab giant, live-edge, white-pine slabs from Herman Borntreger in western Wisconsin, we enlisted Mark Bouchard from Islero Fabrication to design innovative, modular table and bar pieces for events, parties and gatherings. The results speak for themselves.

Slab 8

White pine, live-edge slabs with rolling steel bases.

Slab 2


Slab 3

Needless to say, we’re thrilled that Wood Sport, Eastvold Furniture and Islero Fabrication could add their inspiration to our building. We hope you have a chance to stop by to take a look.