Taking The Interesting Way

December 15, 2014

“Just a get-to-know-you post.”

That’s the assignment I was charged with a few days ago, at the beginning of my second week here at Fast Horse. Just a get-to-know-you post. Easy enough, right? Tell your story, post a picture, click publish. Easy as pie.

But spend a minute in my head and you’ll find I don’t do anything the easy way — not even introducing myself. First thing you should know about me: I love complicating things. It’s a hobby of mine. A talent, even. I bet I could be a medalist in the Complication Olympics.

So, I’m introducing myself two ways. The easy way, and the interesting way.

Here’s the easy way to get to know me a little. The “TL;DR” section, if you will. Quick and dirty.

Hi. I’m Erin, and I’m part of the latest, greatest, meanest, greenest wave of interns to join Fast Horse.

  • Born in Florida, raised in Minneapolis.
  • Graduated from Kennedy High School in Bloomington, but I never actually took a class there.
  • Biology major/studio art minor at Gustavus Adolphus College. I was supposed to go be a physician’s assistant, make my parents proud, be on the fast track to a really successful life, blah blah blah. But …
  • In my senior year, I started writing for Berlin-based music blog Stereofox – which, you know, I’m not going to say it’s great or anything, and I would never just shamelessly plug it by saying “I’ve discovered some of my favorite artists through this blog!” but I’m just going to casually link to it here and here and here so you can, you know, have a few spare links on hand. Just in case of… a fire. Or something. Safety first.
  • Then I fell into a semester-long position with a nonprofit as a communications intern, and loved it.
  • In May, I walked across a stage and someone handed me a diploma, shook my hand and told me I was ready for the real world. *cue hysterical laughing*
  • Spent my summer backpacking, soul-searching, and experiencing my first pre-quarter-life crisis.
  • Job-searched for three months.
  • Got a PR internship by making a video about why Carrot Top is the best comedian of all time.

And here’s the much more interesting way of getting to know me.



I have terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad eyesight. Without my contacts (or, God forbid, my glasses), I am only useful for generating body heat and/or looking like a Jelly Bean.






I am fascinated by unfascinating things. Fortunately this does not include my own reflection anymore, but it does include documentaries about sommeliers, the development of street-art culture, and the intricacies of how our bodies defend themselves from infection (immunology). I also just really want to know how they make Cheerios.





“I don’t always operate farm equipment, but when I do, I wear my diva shades”



I’m more of a city girl, but I can rock a tractor with the best of them. And look fierce while doing it.







As a volleyball player, I have a pretty decent vertical. I haven’t measured recently, but it’s somewhere around 15 feet.






I like fuzzy warm things. Like scarves, and cats, and scarves.






I don’t usually flash people anymore, but I’m normally pretty honest about things that are going on in my head. That’s almost like the same thing, sort of.







I can be a little dramatic sometimes — or, I love to sing!






I approve the alternative use of any and all art supplies, and the alternative use of any and all imaginations.





Well, it’s not like that cake was going to eat itself.



Like any normal human on this planet, I love me some good cake.








I’m the one tucked under my sister’s arm so peacefully.




And lastly, I’m a very delicate, ladylike, poetic sleeper. I practically turn into a flower when I doze off. I mean, look at me. Not even Monet could have captured that.





I’m so excited to be here at Fast Horse to contribute, learn, and participate, and I can’t wait to see what other weird things I will be compelled to share publicly by this internship. Stay tuned!