Password Problems

November 18, 2014

I have a serious problem, and it’s forgetting passwords. Whenever I need to set a password, I always think of something super clever — an unhackable combination that, when in the moment, seems positively brilliant. The problem is, I can never remember these seemingly ingenious passwords. I used to think this worked in my advantage. I’d just reset my password when I inevitably forgot it.

Well, this little game of cat-and-mouse came to a head when Thursday, I went to make my fantasy football picks and — what?! I couldn’t save them because, you guessed it, I forgot my password. The kicker is, Yahoo was having server issues and people could not reset their passwords with the once handy online tool.

After four excruciatingly long days of refreshing my browser, constantly trying to reset my password with no success, searching social media to see if people were having the same issues (they were!) and experiencing high levels of rage, I threw in the towel and called Yahoo support. After waiting for ONE HOUR, I finally spoke to a representative who helped switch my password.

In an attempt to avoid another Yahoo situation, I’ve decided to look into using a password manager. If you’re unfamiliar, the idea is that with one of these apps and a master password (which you create), you manage and protect your passwords against hackers. Based on my research, here are the most popular managers. All have free versions to start, with LastPass and DashLane offering upgrade options.




Apparently, I am way late to this password game. Nothing like waiting on hold for an hour to kick myself into gear.

Oh, and yes. I did have to reset my password to draft this post.