Guitar Madness

November 3, 2014

Today’s post is a list of guitars that I have ended up with over my years of playing — and I’m still adding to the collection. Some I play at home. Some I play with my band. And others I don’t play at all.

Mid-’90s Gibson Les Paul Classic Plus. I think it has a tobacco burst finish, but I call it the “Jäger burst” finish due to all of the Jägermeister shots I spilled on it over the years. This was my main guitar for years — until I picked up a Flying V.


Late-’90s Gibson Flying V. It’s my go-to guitar. It’s heavy like a Les Paul and has an ebony fretboard. I haven’t found another one like it.

IMG_3174 2008 Gibson Flying V. A friend made the aluminum diamond plate body cover. It’s full-on metal.

IMG_3173 2010 Gibson Flying V. You can’t have too many black Flying V’s.


2006 Fender American Strat. I had to throw some Fenders into the Gibson mix.


2013 Fender Telecaster Standard. Beautiful guitar that sounds and plays amazing. Never thought I would like a Tele, but it is awesome.


ESP Eclipse II. Looks like a Les Paul but the body is thinner. It plays and looks fantastic with the distressed cherry burst finish.


Late-’80s Jackson USA Custom Soloist with glow-in-the-dark finish. I bought this at the original Knut Koupee location in Uptown. I loved that music store.


Washburn Steve Stevens model strat.I typically don’t buy signature guitars, but this one looked cool — and it was cheap. The body is cracked because I was spinning the guitar around my neck, Jeff Labar-style and the strap broke. The guitar flew across the stage. Fun times.

IMG_3175 Cordoba nylon string classical.

IMG_3167 Yamaha steel string acoustic. I string it with electric guitar strings because I can’t stand the tension of traditional acoustic strings.

IMG_3168 Dean bass. Cheap bass used for recording.