13 Seriously Cool & Creative Officespaces

October 29, 2014

By now, you likely know that in a few months, we’ll be completing construction on Fast Horse’s new and improved HQ. Located in the North Loop neighborhood of Minneapolis, we’re more than doubling our square footage and gaining a rooftop deck, among other big changes. Watch our Facebook page for construction updates and photos as the new space comes together!

What you won’t see on our Facebook page is all the planning that’s going on behind the scenes. I’m actually part of a committee that has the pleasure of helping plan how the space will function and flow, as well as some of the fun and unique items that we can feature in the space to drive creativity.

Part of our task for this committee has been gathering inspiration from offices around the globe. We’re looking to see what works and is interesting — and what’s just quirky for the sake of being quirky. As a medium-sized office, we’re looking for ideas that will have maximum impact with our limited square-footage — and fuel our culture.

Below are some of my favorite workspaces that I’ve stumbled across during my research. Many of these concepts won’t be possible in the new Fast Horse space, but some may be. Stay tuned!

After browsing through the gallery, please leave comments if there’s anything you think we should be considering, or offices that you think are really noteworthy and creative! We’d love to hear your thoughts.

Chandelier Creative: Satellite office in Montauk, NY with some seriously beautiful outdoor space.


Wexley School for Girls: The desks for their creative team are placed around a 9-hole putt-putt golf course.


Ogilvy & Mather, Jakarta: Because there’s a slide. It’s fun and just the right amount of silly for adults.


Leo Burnett, Singapore: Since a black pencil has always been their trademark, this massing drawing of the company’s founder is just perfect.


Wieden + Kennedy, Portland: Our friends and frequent agency partners at W+K have a gorgeous space. My favorite elements include the wall of staff photos and the rotating art exhibit in the foyer.


The foyer at Weiden + Kennedy, Portland.


Mono: Our fellow Twin Cities agency has a communal kitchen set-up with room to eat your meal away from your desk, but still with space for your laptop…. Because we all know the working lunch isn’t going anywhere!


Google, Pittsburgh: Not really sure if it would be comfortable, but this hammock is pretty amazing.


Macquarie Group, Australia: Floating conference rooms because, sometimes, drama is as important as anything.


Facebook, Palo Alto: When you do what you love, and your office looks like this, would you ever leave?


Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Slovenia: Stunningly beautiful and so peaceful.


Google, Dublin: Loving the use of mirrors, glass and textures to add dimension and warmth to this space.


Barbarian Group, New York: Huge glossy table weaves through the entire office framing wood-lined nooks and corridors beneath its surface


Google, Amsterdam: An adorable little conference room.