Happy Apple Day!

September 19, 2014
SweeTango Apple

SweeTango Apple

Apple fans rejoice! Tomorrow is International Eat An Apple Day. (As if I need another reason to eat an apple. I have one every single day — sometimes twice if I’m feeling wild.)

For those of you that don’t already indulge in nature’s candies, here is a crash course on my – and soon to be your – favorite fall fruit.

Health Benefits:

Fun Facts:

  • Apples are members of the rose family
  • Bees are some of the apple’s best friends. They pollinate the apple blossoms — a key part of production.
  • Men used to propose to women by throwing an apple at them. If the answer was yes, they caught it.
  • Americans eat more apples per capita than any other fruit.
  • Johnny Appleseed was a real person.

Recipes & Pairings:

The best part of tomorrow’s holiday? It falls right in the middle of the best season of the year – SweeTango season! Pick one up here, and celebrate International Eat An Apple Day!