Five-Minute DIY Midi Rings

September 4, 2014

The Internet is full of beautiful photographs. Sunny vacations, decadent food and the never-ending line of things. Products to be drooled over, lusted after. Creating want.

I have plenty of want. I love beautiful things, but who doesn’t? Instead of running out and making a purchase, I often try to see if I can make something myself. Today I’ll teach you how to make some DIY midi rings — while it’s not inventing the wheel or anything, it is a small, simple project that produces very satisfying results. I have a surplus of random materials in my arsenal, and I realized that the 16-gauge wire could easily be made into a ring. Or twenty.

diy_rings_10 diy_rings_01 diy_rings_02 diy_rings_03 diy_rings_04