True Minnesota Sports Fans Embrace The Highs, Lament The Lows

August 25, 2014

vikings logoI was talking sports the other day with the founder of a certain non-traditional integrated marketing agency.

You’d think this guy was a Minnesota sports fan. He grew up here. He has strong opinions about the Vikes, the Twins, the Gophers — even the Wolves. He can debate for hours about whether Joe Mauer is a “slap hitter” or not.

But here’s what I don’t get: This alleged fan says he really doesn’t care whether Minnesota teams win or not. He doesn’t yell at the TV when we lose. He doesn’t pump his fist when we win. It’s more about enjoying the game, he says.

I say he’s disqualified from being a true fan. If you didn’t freak out with joy when Kirby hit that game-winning homer in Game 6 in ’91, you’re not a real fan. If you didn’t sulk for at least 72 hours when Gary Anderson missed the clinching field goal in the ’98 NFC Championship, or when Favre threw that pick against the Saints in 2010, you’re not really a fan.

So, as we head into the annual torture session that is the Viking season, I’m getting primed for the highs and lows that come with caring deeply about your hometown club.

Here’s one way I’m getting psyched for the Vikes: Hunting down YouTube clips of my favorite Vikings moments. If you’re a true fan, go ahead and kill some time!

Vikings vs. Browns, 1980
An 80-yard drive with 14 seconds left to clinch a division title

Vikings vs. 49ers, 2009
A last-second heave from Favre to Greg Lewis for the win

Vikings vs. Cardinals, 2010
A great fourth-quarter comeback

Vikings vs. Cowboys, Thanksgiving Day, 1998
Randy Moss shreds the Cowboys

Chuck Foreman
Look at those moves!

Vikings vs. Saints, 1987 Playoffs:
An amazing catch by Hassan Jones