Books With Bird: Wild Rumpus

July 21, 2014

Avid Peepshow readers know I’m a bookworm.

Today, we’re starting a monthly post where I’ll talk about books, share book-related info and more. I won’t claim to be an expert – and sometimes you might find me a bit low-brow – but I do read a lot, which is where my credentials end. And why the “bird” reference, you say? Oh, that’s just a little nickname I’ve carried around all my life. And it’s alliterative. (Ed.: Alli-terative? Anyone?)

So, throw on your specs, pull out your smoking jacket and enjoy “Books with Bird.”

One of my biggest parenting goals in life is to instill the love of reading in my children. From day one I read to them every night before bed. As they have continued to grow, we have made books, practiced reading, picked out new reads based on favorite characters and cherished hand-me-downs from friends and family.

One of my very favorite places to take the kids is Wild Rumpus. Named after a character in “Where The Wild Things Are,” it’s a children’s wonderland, nestled in the quaint Linden Hills neighborhood. As kids walk through the pint-sized purple door they are greeted with titles galore ranging from littles to young adults. Reading areas are strewn throughout and the owners have added in a fun element with a variety of animals ranging from ferrets to felines named after beloved children’s book characters.

This Saturday, the kids and I spent a number of hours in the little nook enjoying the animals, using the reading corners and mulling over which books to buy. And, while we only walked away with four titles, we left with the desire to dig into our selections as soon as possible. And to me, that’s what its all about.