Meet Meghan, The Newest Pony

May 30, 2014

What Makes Me AwesomeSome call me creative; others call me curious. I call it caffeinated and ready to roll.

My name is Meghan and I’m the newest pony at Fast Horse, writing this introduction from New York (with a coffee in hand, of course). After a few quick and busy days of introductions, onboarding and navigating my way through my first few projects, I was thrilled for the opportunity to jump in head-first on an event in the “city that never sleeps.” Warm welcomes have been abundant, questions have been quickly answered and I couldn’t say enough great things about this talented team. I am honored to be here.

My journey to Fast Horse started the early 2000s, when I made the firm decision that I would go into marketing. I’ve never been a huge television viewer; I have always been an online junkie, and I became fascinated by all things digital. I wondered who was behind the latest brand, campaign or ad that caught my eye. After I realized that there was a species like me, I applied to the Carlson School of Management, where I enjoyed every moment of my four years. I pursued a marketing degree while also working full-time at a small marketing firm. I later had the pleasure of working for the city of Saint Paul, supporting my hometown in marketing, communications and public relations. (Ask me sometime about how I landed my first position there, golf-course marketing – despite almost zero knowledge of golf – which later turned into an unforgettable and very valuable experience.) If you’ve ever seen NBC’s Parks & Recreation, you may get a taste of what it was like.

Life after college brought the rebranding of Allina Health and planning and producing events at Target. After a few projects back at Allina Health, I had the pleasure of being connected to Fast Horse (shout-out to Alex Weaver’s grandfather). I’m looking forward to bringing an enthusiasm for brand management, social media, public relations and planning to the team.

How I started my big day (9/14/13)

How I started my big day (9/14/13)

If we have the pleasure of crossing paths, ask me about:

  • How and why I worked in over 10 states in just one year
  • The adventure of finally marrying my high-school sweetheart (emphasis on finally)
  • What events and/or weddings I am helping with
  • My nieces & nephews (I can’t say enough about them)
  • My new favorite restaurant
  • How many cups of coffee I’ve had

Two weeks in and I can’t wait to pop into the office on Monday, bright and early, coffee in hand. I look forward to the clients I will support, the world-class work I will experience and an environment where my curious, creative and caffeinated mind will thrive.