Unleashing Unreleased Music

April 24, 2014

In my mind, there are few things better in life than getting new music. This could be hearing a band for the first time, listening to a brand-new song or buying the album you’ve wanted for a long time. One thing that does top all of these experiences, though, is listening to unreleased songs from musicians or bands that are no long around. Led Zeppelin

Over the past month, it seems like there’s been a flurry of never-before-heard music getting unleashed to people. As if that weren’t enough, the music that’s being released is from some of the biggest musicians in the past 70 years, from classic country to ’80s pop.

In case you have missed the news, here’s a quick roundup of some of the recently released and soon-to-be-released music. Enjoy!

Led Zeppelin

One of the most famous rock ‘n’ roll bands of all time has been broken up for quite some time. However, Jimmy Page has been busy scouring piles and piles of old recordings in order to find the best never-before-heard songs to release with the reissues of the band’s first three albums in June.

The two tracks that were recently announced are “Keys to the Highway,” recorded in 1970, and an extremely early version of “Whole Lotta Love.” Excerpts from the songs can only be found on the BBC website.

Michael Jackson

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, will also have an album’s worth of previously unheard music released on May 13. The album, entitled ‘XSCAPE,’ is being produced primarily by Timbaland and famous producer L.A Reid. In addition to these two producers, a variety of other musicians were brought on to help protect the integrity of Michael Jackson’s iconic sound.

Johnny Cash

Although the Man In Black is no longer with us, Johnny Cash’s son has been releasing archival music for years, and he has no plans on stopping. More recently, Cash’s son and ‘music god’ Rick Rubin released ‘Out Among the Stars,’ an album featuring 12 brand-new tracks from the vault. Additionally, a recent Rolling Stone article explained there are roughly three to four albums that could be released in the future, containing tracks that have never seen the light of day.

Miles Davis

Another name that everyone knows, Miles Davis, had a live box set released, titled “Miles at the Fillmore—Miles Davis 1970: The Bootleg Series Vol. 3.” This masterpiece of music, compiled from a series of concerts at the Fillmore in 1970, is a four-disc set of his legendary performance in New York City.

Listen to “Footprints” off the live recording here.

Hank Williams

Last, but certainly not least, the classic country and gospel star Hank Williams will have a new album released on May 20. The new record, titled “The Garden Spot Recordings,” is a 24-song collection of unreleased recordings that haven’t been heard in roughly 64 years. These great songs were all recorded as part of sponsored radio program around the time country music radio was taking off.