Old Outlets Spark New Creativity

April 23, 2014


Growing up, my dad exposed me to photography at a very young age. He had taken some classes in college, and though he was by no means a photographer, he kept up his interest in it. I think he noticed my creative eye when I was little, and introduced me to different styles and photographers. I remember having an Ansel Adams obsession when I was eight years old. Since then, photography has always been something I’ve had fun with, but never took seriously. I took some classes in high school and college, and really loved the time I spent doing it, but in recent years photography has really fallen by the wayside for me.

One of the benefits of working at Fast Horse is something we call a MIOLI – Muse It Or Lose It. Each year, we’re given a stipend to purchase something we wouldn’t otherwise to spark creativity. This year, I bought myself a decent camera to bring photography back into my life.

I recently took a trip to Arizona to visit family, and spent most of the time taking pictures and regaining my sense of apertures and f-stops.