Minnesota’s Man Cave Meats: Innovative Marketing

April 25, 2014

MEAT Nick Beste, the man behind Eden Prairie-based Man Cave Meats. The guy who loved meat so much he decided to make a job of it. The man who took a wacky idea based on Mary Kay-style marketing and turned it into a thriving business.


Beste was a dreamer. He knew in college that meat was his passion, so he decided to make a career out of it with the launch of Man Cave Meats. He started with a good product – meats made in Minnesota that would elicit thoughts of hot summer days, a cold beer and that first lip-blistering bite of a delicious brat. And then he brought them to market in a non-traditional way that brought the product to life: MEATings. The MEATings provided a way to introduce people to the product.

Here’s the idea: One guy invites a group of his friends to a barbecue, and Man Cave provides the meat. The guys drink beer, converse, watch some sports – you know the drill. Before you know it, they’re placing orders of Man Cave meats and planning their next bro gathering.

Sound familiar? Ladies’ products have been doing it for years. Get a group of gals together, open a couple bottles of wine, put out the products and before you know it, you’re on your way home with a scented candles, a bracelet and some Spanx-like jeans that make your butt look like it did when you were 20. Did I mention there was wine?

Beste’s approach to introduce people to Mancave meats wasn’t new, but it was strategic and smart. He used a tried-and-true concept, tweaked it, and brought it to an untapped audience that generally hasn’t been marketed to in this way. And it worked. While it’s no longer a direct sales company, that concept created an unwavering fan base that will continue to support the company for years to come.