Brands Snap Up Young Fans

March 26, 2014

snapchat-logoWhen consumers first heard about Snapchat, it was most likely through a news story sharing sordid details about how the 10-second social media app was being used by kids to share NSFW images.

But while many dismissed the new platform, assuming it would be quickly replaced by the next big thing, a few smart brands recognized the potential to capture the attention of an audience everyone seems to want to attract: millennials.

While Snapchat only has about 30 million users (a small number compared to others social messaging platforms), its users are highly engaged and active. Here are a couple of eye opening stats:

  • 26 percent of cell phone users ages 18-29 use Snapchat
  • They send 400 million messages daily
  • 70 percent are women
  • 45 percent of that group said they would open a snap from a brand they had never heard of
  • 73 percent would open one from a brand they know

In the ever-changing, fragmented social media landscape, Snapchat looks to have staying power. And with little to no cost of entry, it’s a win for brands that want to dip a toe into the millennial mindset.

McDonalds recently created Snapchatter by joining the platform and immediately engaging followers with exclusive content and a sneak peek at a new sandwich. Granted, they had LeBron James involved in the announcement. But within days they had a few thousand followers.

But the fact is, with Snapchat, you don’t need big names to make a big splash. You need a clever call-to-action that brings them into your brand and offers them a reason for following. If you’re using Snapchat as a brand or fan, I’d love to hear from you. As a brand, how are you engaging with fans? If you’re a fan, what do you like and dislike from the brands you follow?