We Need A Temporary Place To Crash … Do You Have One?

February 6, 2014
Fast Horse building expansion

A rendering of what our office building will look like after construction.

Got room for 24 people to crash for a while?

Loyal Peepshow readers know that we are planning a renovation to our building that will result in the addition of two floors and a rooftop deck.

It a complex project, but it’s looking like most of the big hurdles have been cleared and that we’ll begin construction in early April.

Much as we all enjoy a little dust and construction noise (trust me, for the past 18 months, those have been constants, with two new buildings and a major renovation on our block alone), we’re going to have to clear out and find a temporary home for six months.

We’d love to find a short-term lease or sublet, either in our North Loop neighborhood, or in northeast Minneapolis. We’d be open to other Minneapolis or St. Paul neighborhoods as well if the right space came along.

We need about 2,500 to 3,500 square feet, a place to hook up our servers and phone system, and a couple of conference rooms. Ideally, the rest of the space would be wide open, allowing us to plop in our tables, chairs and a few file cabinets, and go about our business.

Since it’s temporary, we can’t really be picky. We’re more concerned about function over aesthetics, but if the space is bright, sunny and welcoming, that would be a massive bonus. Timing is April 1 through Sept. 30.

Know anyone who is looking to fill such a space on a short-term basis? Drop us a note at info@fasthorseinc.com