Creativity On Wheels

February 28, 2014

Creativity means applying new ideas and original thinking to solving problems and to artistic endeavors.

Yesterday a dear friend forwarded news of a work of art on wheels. Actually it is a beautiful work of architecture on wheels. Yes, an RV masquerading as a chic, custom-designed cabin in the woods. Creativity incarnate.


This incredible 400-square-foot cabin, part of the Little House Movement of the last 15 years, embodies the ideals of minimalist living, shedding the stuff we don’t need, eliminating the clutter of our lives, and saying hello to the simplicity of life and clarity of mind that goes with it.

Designed by SALA architect Kelly Davis, the cabin shows off her amazing talent and keen attention to detail.Bedroom

Living room

Sixty years ago the average home in America occupied just over 900 square feet. Today, the average home is about 2,500 square feet. During this same time, the average number of people living in each home has decreased. Bigger homes, fewer people living in them. Families use their dining rooms on holidays only. We reserve our living rooms for visitors who rarely drop by. This simple cabin does away with the waste of unused space and focuses on what matters.

porch interior

And, the best part is, the cabin costs less than $80,000. It seems like a bargain at twice the price. Sign me up.