Organized Wonder, Infinite Exploration

January 27, 2014

Last week, Tina Roth Eisenberg (a.k.a. @SwissMiss) sent out a very important tweet:


I’ve followed Eisenberg since… hm, college? Maybe a regular to her blog since high school? Either way, its been a long time, and she has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation. Needless to say, when she sends a tweet as blunt as that, I trust its something pretty awesome.

Awesome doesn’t even come close. Organized Wonder is an online community dedicated to sharing talks, documentaries, interviews, short films and more. People from all over the world join and submit videos from all corners of the internet, creating a huge collection of fully searchable inspiration.

OW_LogoFeel free to jump over to Organized Wonder and start exploring — you don’t need an account to watch or search for any of the videos. Creating an account allows you to submit videos you’ve found or made, and lets you save lists of your favorites and ones you would like to watch later.

Watching a Jessica Hische lecture while working from a coffee shop

Watching a Jessica Hische lecture while working from a coffee shop

I can’t get enough of this site! I have lectures playing at all hours — when I’m working from home during the day, while I’m at coffee shops, when I’m relaxing at home in the evenings.

It’s incredible to have SXSW lectures right at your fingertips. Couldn’t make it to Creative Mornings Berlin? No problem!

While all these videos exist out in the inter-webs somewhere, having one resource to sift through and access them all has made lecture binge-watching easy and seamless.

So go find your wonder. Is it design? Architecture? The environment? Food? Culture? Photography? Web development? It’s all there!